The Calling

The Calling

Written by Ade

As I head out by launching this website and writing my first blog, I cannot help but remember that growing up I was always fascinated by any movie which involved journeys. In my mind, journeys always equated a quest, which in turn meant suspense and adventure!

My dad was a big fan of movies such as ‘Sinbad and the eye of the tiger’, ‘Clash of the Titans’ and ‘Jason and the Argonauts’. I must have seen those movies countless of times and therefore never had to look too far to fill my daydreaming and imagination. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ never quite made it into his collection, so I always had to wait till that was shown on TV at Xmas. The protagonist in all those movies always started out their quest following something not going well in their life, a longing for something more or simply being forced by nature to leave the familiar behind. In my imagination, there was always something enchanting about heading out in search of ‘the golden fleece’ - an adventure filled with mystery, transformation and awakening.

In my 30’s, I rediscovered the longing for journeys in the work of Joseph Campbell and became fascinated with the mythology around the ‘Hero’s Journey’. I learnt that we were all heroes of our individual journey; with the journey being broken down into four stages:

The Calling: A deep knowing that something has to change, that things cannot continue the way they are. That inner voice or external circumstance offering the invitation to venture into the unknown;

Heading Out: Taking action by leaving the familiar behind. Saying good bye and setting out into the unknown;

The Initiation:
Fighting our demons and encountering the dark night of the soul – in the words of Dorothy, on her way to see the Wizard of Oz, ‘Lions and Tigers and Bears!’;

The Return:
Bringing our stories, understanding and everything learnt, back into our day-to-day lives.

The journey does not always follow the four stages in any particular order, like the rest of life there is an ebb and flow to it. It is not unusual to revisit anyone of the four stages at any given point in time; with some stages taking longer than others to pass through.

Over the years, I have come to learn that the journey into uncertainly is scary, because there is something familiar and safe in the known. But I have also come to learn that it does get to a point when the calling to go beyond the familiar is so loud and in that moment, there is a deep understanding that to stay with the known is to stagnate or wither. Where is the fun in that? Surely life is meant to be much more! 

As the new year begins and some of us take time to reflect on where last year went and how we spent it, I invite you to listen out for the call. What is trying to get your attention? What is trying to emerge? What are you being called to do? Who are you being called to be? And if by chance you do need someone to walk with you as you venture out on your journey, check out the rest of the website to see how we might do that together. Otherwise drop me a line and do visit the blog again, to share the tales of your journey and hear more about mine.

May your journeys be filled with bliss, joy and enchanting adventures!

May the travelling companions you meet along the way provide you with whatever you most need in that moment!


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by Mignon on 6th January 2010

Hi Ade, I'm looking forward to following your blog. xx

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by Judy on 6th January 2010

sweet :)

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by Trish on 7th January 2010

Ade - I love your blog - I'm hooked!

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